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Common OTC (Over The Counter) Drugs


There are many "over the counter" drugs that can safely be used in dogs and cats. We have listed some of the common drugs, along with general circumstances that an owner would use the drugs for their pets. Each section also includes a "dose calculator" that will show you how much of a particular medication to give as well as how often is can be given.  

You should always consult your veterinarian before using any medication. All medications, even those sold "over the counter" have potential side effects and can interact with other drugs your pet may be taking.  

There are several sources that can be "googled" regarding OTC drugs in pets. Our purpose is to provide basic information and allow you to determine an appropriate dose of medication for your pet. Using OTC medications without the advise of your veterinarian could result in harm to your pet. If you have not had prior discussions with your veterinarian about the use of certain OTC drugs, you should consult with your pet's doctor before using them.