Franklin Animal Clinic Inc.

1623 Pittsburgh Road
Franklin, PA 16323


Lab & Pharmacy
We have a fully fuctional lab capable of running blood chemistries, cbc's, urinalysis, blood gases as well
as fecals, cytologies and other tests. When more advanced tests are needed, we have several outside 
laboratories available.

Our pharmacy carries many of the drugs used most commonly. We also carry the flea, tick and heartworm
products that we feel are safe and effective for your pet.  If your pet needs a medication we do not 
stock, we can prescribe it through a local pharmacy. We also can have some medications specially 
made for your pet in the event that he/she is difficult to medicate.

Our Pharmacy

Our Laboratory

Microscopic view of a tumor
This is a microscopic view of a skin cancer.
We can "tap" a lump with a needle and syringe and look 
at the cells under the microscope. The types of cells
can tell us if a lump is dangerous or not.

Microscopic view of yeast in a dog's ear
This is a microsopic view from a dog's ear.
The small blue ovals are yeast, a very common 
organism found in ear infections.

Demodex mites from a dog's skin
This is a microsopic view of a skin scrape.
The cigar shaped bugs are Demodex mites.
They can cause patchy hair loss and other
skin problems.