Franklin Animal Clinic Inc.

1623 Pittsburgh Road
Franklin, PA 16323


Treatment Room...

The treatment room is the major hub of our clinic. It is in this room that:  Animals are prepared for surgery, Patients are given their daily treatments, Routine procedures such as toe nail trims and blood draws are done, Critical patients are assessed and treated, Dentistries are done and much more.

Treatment room

These are the two tables we use for many of the procedures we do including dentistries.

Treatment room

This is our lift scale. We use it not only to weigh animals but also to elevate larger dogs to a comfortable 
working height.

Patient in our treatment room receiving chemotherapy

Our treatment room also contains our Intensive Care Unit. Patients that require close monitoring or 
specialized treatments are kept in our ICU kennels.

Staff working in treatment room

The treatment room is often the busiest place in the clinic.