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Client Considerations for Surgery?.


Once you have scheduled your pet for surgery, there are a couple things to consider.  We provide the options of 1: Pre-Surgical Bloodwork and 2: Intravenous Fluid Support.


Many practices package these three items into their surgical prices and quotes and do not give the client the choice.  We have made the decision to make these three items optional in an effort to allow our clients the ability have some say in not only the care of their pet, but also the cost such care incurs.  Please understand that even though we have made these procedures "optional", we consider them very important for the health, comfort and well being of your pet during the upcoming surgery.
Franklin Animal Clinic Inc.
The first option to consider is "Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork". We use such blood tests to screen for pre-existing problems that may cause complications associated with surgery and anesthesia. Examples of such medical conditions can include: kidney disease, liver disease, low blood proteins, anemia and clotting problems. Obviously these are serious problems that can be made significantly worse when the stress of surgery and anesthesia is added.  Animals of any age can have such problems, however the risk of such illnesses or conditions increases with age.  Another "Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork" option that we offer for younger cats is to test for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Viruses. Cats can have these viruses and not show symptoms in the early phases. It is important to know if your young cat has either of these viruses because they can pose serious life consequences ranging form chronic illnesses to pre-mature death.  

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he second option to consider is "Intravenous Fluid Administration". By placing an IV catheter and giving fluids during anesthesia and surgery we can insure that your pet maintains adequate blood pressure and fluid levels. An IV catheter also allows us to administer emergency medicines in a rapid manner it the need arises.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT EVEN IF YOU DECLINE THIS OPTION?WE WILL PLACE AN IV AND ADMINISTER FLUIDS OR EMERGENCY MEDICINES IF A CRISIS DEVELOPES.      

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If you have questions concerning any of these options, or the need for them please ask any of our staff.